Wake Up! Wise Up!

“Thief o, thief! thief o thief! Beat him!” She screamed; and even louder that the shrill of her voice made it seem like her larynx would soon fall out into her pharynx, she reiterated “BEAT HIM!” This lady was furious; and so was the rest of the crowd.

This is a classic scenario where the alleged criminal meets his demure end without recourse to the court.

In my second year, on the same campus, I was a bystander in a mob action situation. Although I did not support the lynching of the alleged, I did not perform my civic responsibility by calling the police. I was against it yet I was silent- did nothing. This makes me equally responsible for the continuity of mob action than the person who screams “beat him” or a lynching crowd and I’ll tell you why.

Albert Einstein once said “the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them and do nothing.” Many of us fall under the category of “doing nothing” for fear of being opposed by others, being subject to the unhealthy cynicism as being naïve exuded by society and the “it’s none of my business mentality”. However, as long as we remain on this earth it will always be our business. To some of us, it may seem insignificant now; but if we continue to just look on, if we continue to sit back and fold our arms or if we continue to abdicate from these crucial issues, it may turn into an uncontrollable fire ready to consume us all. Any of us could be victimised by such barbarism. Let’s be activist, let’s act.

Activism is the act or policy of campaigning vigorously to bring about a social or political change. This is not meant only for some experts of paragons of virtue. It is meant for every individual whether you have been guilty of an act or not. The primary focus is you are willing and ready to change the status quo. If we do not take charge of what we want society to look like; it will manifest as being “okay” with the current system of things.

We tend to be passive recipients of culture whereby we allow ourselves to be semi-permeable membranes as “osmosis” occurs within us. It would be a great deal of use if we absorbed the positive aspect and rejected the negative. Let us rise up together: no one can change everything but everyone can change something.

Together, we are powerful agents of change where nothing is beyond our reach.

By Tracy Birch-Mensah

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