Public Opinion since May 29

On the 29th of May, 2017 a repellently frightful incidence that put the country into an outright shock received much condemning clap back from the public.

Though the action perpetrated was nothing new in the country, this seemed to put the Country to straight dawn while the sun shone.

This was for no apparent reason that Major Mahama was a soldier and a nephew to the Ex President, John Mahama.

This was seen more or less like a national mourning exercise where scores of Ghanaians showed their sympathetic traits to express their pains and thoughts with the family.

Soon after everything seemed over, some Ghanaian scholars coughed out criticisms on the Trust Fund that was recently passed by Parliament.

A well known and astute lawyer and a citizen vigilante, Mr.Martin Amidu gave a strong advise to the president not to give an authoritative assent to the bill on the basis that the said bill was defective in so many ways.

He added that the bill suffered from several constitutional, legal and policy faults and that it needed severe scrutiny.

Again, Professor Kwaku Asare, a US based -Ghanaian legal luminary and academic also expressed his displeasure on the bill and called it problematic.

According to him, the bill flouted the rules of universalism and non discrimination.
This buttresses the fact that, other service men and women who had lost their lives were not going to be beneficiaries of the Trust Fund.
He therefore called on the government to exercise fairness and equity as broadly enshrined in the preamble of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

All of this, amongst others justifies the unhappiness of the general public despite the valiant support they gave the family some time past.

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