What is Activism?

Activism embodies all the efforts and activities by individuals and organizations to promote and hasten the process of social or political change. Activism takes various forms and these may include; writing petitions, strikes, sit-ins, boycotts, hunger strikes and rallies.

Ever heard of the 28th February Christianbourg Crossroads shootings which included Coporal Attipoe, Sergeant Adjetey and Private Odartey Lamptey. These ex-servicemen marched on the Christianbourg castle on 28th February 1948 to present a petition to the Governor of the then Gold Coast to demand payment of their end of service benefits promised to them before they fought in the second world war.
These ex-servicemen can be considered as activists.

Activist groups on campus
Before the start of this semester, a group of students decided to embark on a protest against the hike in school fees. With the slogan #UGFEESMUSTFALL, the campaign was able to make waves throughout the entire student body and even went far to involve prominent statesmen.

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