PRESS: Radio Univers 105.7 FM

On Sunday November 5, 2017. team CARMA was invited to an interview aired live on Radio Univers 105.7 FM.

The show, “TEENS WITH VISION” team was hosted by Eleazor F. Quayson on November 5, 2017. Mr. Anthony Benjamin Adeaba and Ms. Tracy Birch-Mensah represented the team on the program. They introduced to listeners what the entire campaign was about and the desired objectives we planned on achieving.

Ms. Birch-Mensah supported her arguments about mob action by citing sections of the Ghanaian constitution that outlaws mob action. Mr. Adeaba appealed to the public to take in the message espoused by the team. They also solicited for the public’s help in spreading the core message of the group.

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