“Our Lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter”

– Dr. Martin Luther King

It is with painful hearts that we write to condemn an incident of mob action that that occurred over the weekend in Kumasi.

According to Adom Fm Online, a man believed to be in his early thirties was beaten pitilessly over the weekend at Alabar in Kumasi for allegedly being gay.

The man is a cook with the company currently working on the Kejetia Redevelopment Project.

The report claimed the man invited his colleague to his house and decided to have sex with him upon his arrival. The colleague who was startled by the attempt, immediately called his friends to manhandle the alleged gay worker.

We at Carma Ghana vehemently and viciously condemn, disparage and deprecate the action.

We consider it archaic, barbaric and an act of lawlessness. We are most saddened by such act that seeks to undermine the freedoms and the rights of citizens.

A research we conducted indicated that mob culture still persist because usually the perpetrators of the act are left unpunished. We are therefore calling on the appropriate authorities to investigate this matter and bring the culprits to book.

We are also calling on pressure groups to add their voice to the campaign against mob culture in Ghana.

Carma Ghana

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