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Throwback Thursday 2

In May this year, Ghana woke up to one of the most unfortunate and unforgettable mob action in the history of the nation.A military officer was lynched to death in broad day light in Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region.

While the nation was still grieving and trying to come to terms with the unfortunate incident, two personnel of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) were hospitalised after
enduring a severe beating at the hands of some residents of Assin-Akropong in the Central Region.

The two, Egah Gyemfi and Benjamin Nkansah,were part of six officers who were called into the community to retaliate the beating of a civilian friend.

In a case of mistaken identity,the officers stormed the community and beat up a wrong target, Robert Adei and this caught the attention of the residents which eventually became a street fight.

The assault happened 48 hours after the fatal beating and killing of an Army Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama in the same region.


Don’t wait till it happens to us!

Throwback Thursday 1

In January this year, a taxi driver was lynched to death in Sawaba, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.The taxi driver, popularly known as Bebrebe, had accidentally knocked down a motor rider near a gas station.

An angry mob chased him and dragged him out of the premises of the gas station where he was seeking refuge and beat him to pulp

In a circulated video, the deceased is shown being manhandled by several men stepping on his head,slapping and punching him. At a point, he is strapped down whilst in some parts he is beaten with sticks. He was then bundled into a bucket of a tricycle.

Two people were arrested but were released after police say investigations failed to link them to the incident.


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Don’t wait till it happens to us!

Dare to be the difference

‘I could have lost my life to Mob Action’ -Kingzkid

On the 19th of August 2017, Award-winning Ghanaian Urban Gospel artist Kingzkid, could have lost his life to an outraged mob and would have gone down in history’s books as one of the souls lost to this violent extremism.

According to the recording artist, he was invited as a special guest at a Young Adults beach camp at Ada in the Greater Accra Region. On his way back in the evening of the same day, he had to meet a friend at the Accra Mall, who was supposed to pick him up. With fortune averting him, his phone went off and so he could not communicate with the person. Left with no option but to walk around in the bid to find this person, He found him eventually and stood there to talk to the Mall Cops because their Car was problematic.

Much to his surprise, a lady came from nowhere and started yelling ‘that is the guy’. Another person screamed ‘mo mbu nu’ ( which translates as let’s beat him up). In the heat of the moment, angered men and women pounced on him with stones and all the destructive tools they could lay hands on, to inflict harm on the alleged ‘thief’. According to the Lady who called the shots that translated into action, her phone had been stolen a few minutes prior to Kingzkid’s arrival and she could have sworn that Kingzkid was the thief. She went on to claim that Kingzkid had changed his clothes right after stealing the phone so he could make away with the crime.

According to him, the rage in the mob’s eyes and their violent action could have ended his life that evening. In a post on his Instagram account, he stated that but for the saving grace of Jesus Christ, he would have been dead.

Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are outraged as those who are- Benjamin Franklin.

An extremely violent act such as Mob Action could happen to anyone. It could be me, It could be you, It could be us. It is not too late to come together as a society to do something about this virulent act. We don’t have to wait until we lose another innocent soul or even a guilty soul to an angry mob when there is a Judiciary to serve justice. This is a call to action.

Source: Kingzkid.